oldie but goodie

Says the biased creator.  I wanted to share something that I made last fall for the Scrapbook & Cards blog.  At the time I was thinking they’d make great Christmas gifts.  Heck they still would make great Christmas gifts if you work that far ahead…please tell me you don’t work that far ahead!?!  But they’d also make great gifts in general and they’re just FUN to do.

The tile pendants themselves are made from an acrylic tile, scrapbook paper, a rub-on and a few other little bits.  You can get the directions here with step-by-step photos.

I incorporated the pendants into cards to make gift giving easier.

Or I just say that because it sounds good.  Truth is I’m an overachiever and need people or ohhhh and awwwwww over things and presentations is one way to get that.

I was the youngest child.  I need all of the attention I can get.


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