I taught me everything I know

So maybe the title is a little misleading.  But I do consider myself “self-taught” when it comes to sewing.  Sure I’ve asked my mom questions (she’s “self-taught” too), and I’ve read my share of blogs that talk about sewing but I’ve never taken a class.  Ebooks and I are very good friends but surprisingly (insert sarcasm here) I’m not happy sticking to the patterns entirely. That’s how I can up with this:

The fabric patterns are all over the place and that was 100% intentional.  The top bodice I sketched on my own and while you can’t see it, the back is shirred. The bottom skirt part of the dress is extra full because my gal likes to twirl.  Honestly, I put something new on her and that’s the first thing she says, “can I twirl”?  So sewing has been on the brain.

Actually, I watch sewing shows on television, like Project Runway and imagine myself being a fabulous seamstress (a gal can dream right?).  So I go to my sketchbook, come up with these little numbers and I’m happy.

And then I’m off to my next crafty project.

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